What Is Wrong With My Air Conditioner Unit?

Having problems with your air conditioner? While it is best to have a professional inspect your unit and conduct a thorough assessment to determine the issue, we have put together a list of the common complaints we receive from clients along with the typical source of the issue.

Reduced Airflow?

This can be a sign that your air conditioner’s compressor is no longer working. First, replace the indoor air filter. If that does not improve the situation, the compressor may need attention.

Is Your Air Conditioning System Noisy?

A loud air conditioning system may indicate a broken fan inside the unit.

Is There a Sudden Increase in the Condensation on the Exterior of the Air Conditioner Unit?

Outside condensation can signal an internal temperature issue or a pressure leak.

Are the Temperatures Inconsistent Inside Your Home?

Temperatures that are too cold or too warm, or not consistent across zones may indicate a problem with the air conditioner unit itself or with the ductwork.

Are Your Electric Bills Higher than in Previous Years, Especially During the Summer Months?

An increase in utility bills may be a sign that your air conditioner unit is older or not functioning correctly. New systems are a lot quieter, and way more energy efficient. Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade?

Having any of the above issues with your air conditioning system
CV Plumbing Heating Cooling and Pools will help determine whether the unit is functioning efficiently or if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

If your air conditioner is not performing as well as it once did and you live in the Rockland County NY, Orange County NY or Bergen County NJ area, CV Plumbing Heating Cooling and Pools can help. Our professionals offer superior service, quality parts and eco-smart air conditioner units.

We also offer service agreements, so you never have to think about this again. We come to you and conduct a multi-point checkup annually. It’s cost effective and helps take the stress out of home or business ownership!

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