Water Heater Replacement in Chester NY

We recently got a call from Don in Chester, Orange County, NY.

His eight-year-old old water heater was leaking, and he needed a new one, fast. The 50-gallon electric water heater’s internal connection had rusted out due to age or hard water. Luckily, the water heater was located in the basement and had caused no property damage.

Knowing Important Information About Your Water Heater

When you call for a replacement water heater, you should be ready to provide the plumber with the following information:

• Model
• Serial Number
• Gallon Size

You can typically find this information on the original sticker on the water heater – see photo to right:

When Don called our office, we asked him to provide us with this information about his old, broken water heater. With the correct model, serial number, and gallon size in hand, we matched Don with the perfect replacement: a Bradford White Hydrojet® Total Performance System electric water heater. By having this information handy, we were able to replace his water heater that same day!

Sticker With Info About the Water Heater

Stocked Trucks and Local Techs Allows Us to Provide Fast Water Heater Service

Many of our service techs live within the Orange County and Rockland County communities, and our CV Plumbing Service trucks are stocked with the parts and tools needed to fix plumbing problems. Because of this, we’re typically able to offer clients fast, immediate and excellent same-day service – including installation of a replacement water heater!

Tip from Chris

"We suggest you keep your product manual/s with receipt or date of purchase, and the name of the original installation company near your water heater or HVAC system, either in a plastic sleeve or waterproof box. This makes finding this info so easy when it’s needed, especially if it’s an emergency!" ~ Chris Valvo, Owner

Newly Replaced Water Heater in Chester NY by CV Plumbing Heating AC & Pools
Bradford White Water Heater Label
Bradford White Water Heater 10 Year Warranty
Water Heater Manual and Receipt
Water Heater Energy Guide
Water Heater Info Organized
Newly Replaced Water Heater in Chester NY by CV Plumbing Heating AC & Pools

With a tech local to the Chester, New York area on call, we were able to quickly install Don’s new water heater, which provided hot water faster and improved Don’s energy savings. We removed the old one from the premises at no additional charge. The new Bradford White heater comes with a ten-year extended limited warranty.

About the Bradford White’s Hydrojet® System

Sediment buildup is the main killer of water heater life. But Bradford White’s Hydrojet® system reduces sediment to lengthen the life of the water heater, improve first-hour rating, provide more hot water for the money, improve overall operating efficiency, and deliver more hot water faster than other water heaters. The Bradford White Hydrojet® Total Performance System is a cold-water delivery tube that reduces sediment buildup and thoroughly mixes incoming water with stored water to reduce thermal stratification.

The secret is a series of flow-altering “jet ports” that create counter-rotation and dynamic turbulence that effectively blasts suspension and prevents its accumulation. The upper “jet ports” direct the flow outward to begin the dynamic mixing action. The lower “jet ports” direct the flow inward to increase pressure and turbulence.

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