Do I Need to Cover My AC Unit in Winter?

Do I Need to Cover My AC Unit in Winter?

Some people choose to cover their air-conditioning units over the winter. They believe that doing so offers benefits, from keeping the AC coils clean to serving as a moisture barrier. And some like to cover their ACs to protect it from branches and debris. Covering your AC unit, however, is not necessary – and doing so can actually cause a host of issues.

Reasons Why You Should Leave Your AC Uncovered

While an AC cover might seem like a great protective measure, in fact, a cover could cause more harm than good. A cover won’t protect your air-conditioning unit from moisture; it actually helps moisture to build up naturally due to humidity. Humidity can cause the growth of mold. Mold is NOT something you want in or on your AC Unit! Also, covering your AC makes it a prime location for rodents to take shelter because covers offer a barrier from snow and cold. Mice, moles, and other small creatures can actually get into the small spaces of the unit itself. This is also something you REALLY do not want.

Air conditioning units are built with durability in mind. AC manufacturers understand that their units are located outdoors, and construct them from rugged materials designed to stand up to nearly any New York or New Jersey weather condition. So, no covers are actually needed.

So … To Cover or Uncover?

Evidence suggests that covering your AC unit is usually unnecessary.

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