Are AC Service Contracts Worth It?

Service-Contracts Are Worth the Price

Rather than paying for individual maintenance visits and repairs, many HVAC firms, like CV Plumbing Heating and Cooling, offer annual Service Contracts for your heating and air-conditioning equipment.

Are these service contracts worth the investment? Our customers say “Yes!” because our service contracts offer a lot of value.

Benefits of Buying a Service Contract for Your AC System

• To be sure your HVAC systems get annual preventive maintenance
• To get priority service
• To get a discount on parts and labor

All home and business AC systems require annual maintenance. A home or business owner can do some basic tasks. But, it’s easy to forget to perform the yearly basics, like change filters, cleaning lines, and looking for freon leaks. When tasks like these are overlooked, systems can break down. And that may result in big expenses. This is where you can benefit from buying a service/maintenance contract.

At CV, Our Service Contracts Include:

• Complete annual maintenance procedure.
• One procedure yearly per piece of equipment.
• 10% discount on repair parts.
• All parts not specifically excluded automatically receive this discount.
• Priority Status: includes 25% off labor and 10% off parts for one full year on covered equipment.
• We will Repair or Upgrade any Electric and Plumbing in your home with 25% off Labor and 10% off materials within the contract period.
• No extra fees for emergency calls ( calls after hours).

For most homes, our basic AC Service Maintenance Plans costs about $350 annually, and include all of the following:

Check voltage and amperage to all motors.
Install gauges and check operating pressures.
Check temperature across the coil
Check for adequate charge and possible freon leaks.
Check pressure controls.
Check crankcase heater.
Lubricate all moving parts.
Check the belt and adjust the tension.
Check filters and replace (1″ fiberglass only).
Check start capacitor and potential relay.
Check the compressor contactor.
Check condenser coil.
Check wiring and connections.
Clean and adjust the thermostat.
Check vents and ductwork.
Check condensate drain lines.
Clean exterior of the condensing unit.

So, are AC service contracts worth it? The answer is maybe! Some companies don’t offer as much as we do and are much more expensive. Some companies don’t follow through on their promises. We suggest you check references, see everything offered in writing, and then decide.

When you look at all of the items that CV AC service contracts include, plus 25% off labor and 10% off parts, our contracts are a great deal.

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